Space Witch

She lounges, nude, in the long window seat, long legs draped over velvet cushions threaded with silver.  The stars and gas giants, ripped from galactic tranquility, rumble and flare as her ship saunters by.  She loves their two-fold reaction of shock (the insect has turned the attention of our immensely old celestial bodies) and frustration (we are mired in our vacuums and cannot pursue this novelty) while her dark ship drifts past.

Amorous liaisons between witches and planets have not happened for millennia, but she is old enough to remember the spurious actions that caused the whole arrangement to collapse (a girl could go from “beloved” to “insect” at the speed of light).  She still has her edge, and a little cosmic tease will serve these neglectful hunks of rock right.

She sorts her herbs and cards by the window as though she does not notice the straining of the stars, as though she has not done this to random solar systems for thousands of years.  It never gets old, this stoking of fire in dead space rock and clean fire.  She has seventy light-years before she reaches Galaxy A1689-zD1, where all things Terra are much in demand.   She might as well have a little fun while she passes the space-time.

(Massive Attack–Butterfly Caught)

This posted in honor of the startling news today that scientists at CERN discovered neutrinos that move faster than the speed of light!  Perhaps the space witch is just a little sub-atomic particle traversing the universe.

This song was inspired by Massive Attack’s “Butterfly Caught.”  The band’s sound changed significantly over the years, and I’ve liked nearly everything they’ve put out.  Their album Mezzanine defined the musical sound of the late 90’s for me (not the washed-out alt-rock the radio stations were playing). I wasn’t sure how to categorize this one, but settled on electronica for lack of a better descriptor.

One of the interesting aspects of writing this blog is that I listen, write, and then post the video–which I’ve usually never seen–here.  This one is super creepy even though not a lot happens, and it was completely new to me.  Subtle, like the whole 100th Window CD it was on.

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